Setting Up Your Course

Learn how to set up your course via Canvas Learning Management System (LMS), along with tips for organizing your course, integrating experiential learning, and preparing an effective lecture presentation.

Creating a Syllabus

Students in a remote learning environment rely heavily on the course syllabus to understand what expectations you have of them and to successfully complete the course. Learn best practices for creating a comprehensive, well-designed syllabus.

Accessibility & Technical Requirements

It is important to ensure your remote course meets ADA accessibility requirements and minimizes technical requirements. Learn recommendations and key information aimed at reducing potential challenges in order to serve the broadest possible student audience.

Course Materials & Copyright

Explore tips and resources to ensure your course materials adhere to copyright policies and best practices.

Synchronous & Asynchronous Content Delivery

Remote learning opens a world of possibilities for course content delivery. Explore advantages, disadvantages, tools, and frameworks to help you deliver content in a way that supports a quality education with equity and inclusion considerations.


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