Supporting Remote Learners with Video Feedback

November 6, 2020

Sometimes the best way for a student to learn is by watching faculty solve and work through problems, proofs, or explanations. In online courses with distributed students, these demonstrations often require additional planning and new technology tools. One such strategy is providing video feedback, where the instructor records themselves answering a question, navigating a course website, or even working with lab equipment. When a faculty member provides a video explanation, they are modeling the problem solving process for their students, which can be more impactful than a written explanation. Faculty can work through problems in phases, explaining the thought process along the way and enabling students to follow along. By using tools like video feedback and digital annotation, faculty can bring their problem-solving approach online. 

Benefits of Video Feedback

Creating video feedback allows you to create a quick video reference to address recurring questions and enables students to follow along with visual cues. Some scenarios where this is particularly effective include: 

  • Step-by-step directions
  • Modeling best practices
  • Writing and debugging code
  • Using new software or connecting past topics to current classroom discussion
  • A reference students can view multiple times

GSIs may also adopt video feedback to address recurring questions from office hours, review sessions, or other supplemental discussion.

How to Incorporate Video Feedback

Video feedback is a simple strategy that can be used as needed for all delivery styles. While there are many tools available to record video feedback, Zoom, Kaltura, or Canvas Announcements make recordings a simple process. During the demonstration, you may wish to use digital annotations tools, or take a close-up photo of a document and import the photo into Zoom’s built in whiteboard. For more tips, resources, and information about recording content remotely, click here.

To learn more about using video feedback or to receive assistance with any of the tools above, complete this short form to request a one-on-one instructional consultation. A member of Team Nexus will reach out to you to schedule a time convenient for you. 

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